8" x 8" Special Moments Scrap Pages

8" x 8" Special Moments Scrap Pages

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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  • Creating Keepsakes items: 8"x8" papers & cardstock power pad, charms on ribbon, self-adhesive stickers, page embellishments, wire embellishment, alpha brads, brads
  • Craft Essentials rub-on alphabet
  • Cardstock, pink and black
  • 1/2 yd Pink pearl cotton
  • Paper trimmer or scissors
  • Punches: circle, flower, small hole
  • Adhesive
  • Walnut inkpad
  • Black pen, fine



  1. Ink the edges of striped paper and attach to khaki paper, allowing some khaki to show at the left edge; trim off the overhanging edge of striped paper and ink again. Tear the edge of a piece of pink cardstock and trim to about 5-1/2" wide; ink the edges and adhere to page, as shown.
  2. Ink photo edges, and then double mount on khaki and red paper with inked edges. Attach to page at a slight angle. Apply rub-on letters up the left edge of the photo.
  3. Position the charms on ribbon at the top of the page, anchoring letters with adhesive. Tape excess ribbon to the back of the page.
  4. Punch 4 circles from striped paper. Attach to black cardstock and cut around the edges, including a "cap" for the ornaments. Attach "Delight" sticker to black cardstock and cut a fifth ornament. Attach ornaments to page and draw a line from the ornament to the ribbon with the fine black pen. Draw small bows above the ribbon.


  1. Cut a 5" strip of red paper; ink edges. Cut two 1" strips of paper with circle pattern, and adhere to the back of the red paper so the circle edges show. Ink edges. Mount onto striped paper; ink edges.
  2. Punch 2 white flowers from white cardstock; punch 2 flowers from circle pattern paper; ink all the edges. Attach "Live" and "Laugh" stickers to the cardstock flowers. Cut a piece of white cardstock slightly larger than "Love" embellishment. Ink the edges and mount "Love" onto the panel.
  3. Cut 4 stems from khaki paper and ink the edges. Adhere to page, as shown. Ink the edges of the photo and mount on the page. Attach flowers and panel to page.


  1. Tear a 1" strip of pink cardstock, adhere to striped paper. Tear a piece of red paper, adhere over pink cardstock, allowing a strip of paper to show at top of page and pink torn edge to show at bottom. Ink edges of entire page.
  2. Punch two small holes through the red paper, and attach wire embellishment with brads.
  3. Ink photo edges and mount onto pink cardstock. Ink edges again and attach to right side of page at an angle. Cut and ink a red page corner and attach to page, enclosing corner of photo.
  4. Cut a tag; ink edges. Punch holes to spell baby's name, and insert alpha brads. Adhere self-adhesive sticker to the tag, above the name. Insert a brad and attach the tag to the page, overlapping photo. Tie a piece of pink pearl cotton from the brad to the wire embellishment.
  5. Add rub-on letters "OUR."