A Colorful Autumn Table

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  • RIT® Liquid Fabric Dye, colors of choice
  • Several yards of linen
  • Scissors
  • Glass vases or jars
  • Little wooden bird cut-outs
  • Plastic bins to dye in
  • Waterproof gloves


1. Prepare pieces to be dyed. Cut 22"x22" squares of linen for napkins. Fray the edges about 1/2" on each side, a table runner (15"x72"), 4"x8" strips for my vases and then several yards of 1" strips to use for hostess gift ribbons.
2. Prepare dye baths according to package instructions.
3. Begin dipping linens into the dye. Dip half of each piece at a time. For the ribbon, just use one color. For the wooden pieces, drop them in the dye and let them sit a bit; the wood soaks up the dye perfectly.
4. Allow the half-dyed pieces to completely dry.
5. Using second color, repeat the process, dying up to the edge of first color.

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