A Little Sparkle

A Little Sparkle

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Provo Craft
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Additional Information



  • Cricut Expression® Personal Electronic Cutter
  • Cricut® Storybook cartridge
  • Cricut® Tinker Bell & Friends cartridge
  • Cardstock: black, yellow, flesh color, blue, blue glitter, red, green, light blue, white, white glitter, pink, pink glitter, light brown
  • Photograph 4 3/4"x6 1/2"
  • Rhinestones
  • Adhesive

1. Cut scalloped square Using Storybook cartridge and green cardstock, select Accent Blackout feature,
press Shift, and cut one 10 3/4" <Butrfly1>. Adhere to 12"x12" white glitter cardstock.
2. Cut four 4 3/4" squares of pink glitter cardstock. Cut one 9 5/8" white cardstock square.
Adhere pink squares on white square. Adhere entire piece to center of green scalloped square.
3. Adhere photograph to layout.
4. Cut title. Using Tinker Bell & Friends cartridge and blue glitter cardstock, select Filigree feature and cut one 51⁄2" <Bulb3>. Adhere to layout. Accent sparkles with rhinestones.
5. Cut Tinker Bell. Using black cardstock, cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12>. Using flesh colored cardstock, select Layers:
Flesh/Hair feature and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12>. Using yellow cardstock, select Layers: Flesh/Hair feature, press Shift, and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12-s>. Using light blue cardstock, select Layers: Wings/White feature and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12>. Using white cardstock, select Layers: Wings/White feature, press Shift, and cut one 7 3/4"<Tink12-s> Using green cardstock, select Layers: Outfit/Outfit feature and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12>.
Using blue cardstock, select Layers: Eyes/Lips/Extra feature and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12>. Repeat cut using red cardstock. Using light brown cardstock, select Layers: Eyes/Lips/Extra feature, press Shift, and cut one 7 3/4" <Tink12-s>. Layer and adhere to layout.
6. Cut sparkles. Using white glitter cardstock, select Real Dial Size, select Layers: Wings/White feature, and cut one 3 1/2" <Sparkle>. Adhere sparkles to layout. Accent centers with rhinestones.