Advent Calendar

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  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Paint:
    Gloss Opaque: Habanero, Spring Pasture
    Fine Glitter: Garnet, Peridot
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint: black
  • Cookie sheet
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Stencil tape
  • Round foam applicators
  • 3/4" flat brush
  • Small round brush
  • Glue (applicable for metal surfaces)
  • Rubbing alcohol


1. Wash the cookie sheet and wipe down with rubbing alcohol. Paint the edges of cookie sheet with Habanero. Allow to dry before adding another coat. Allow to sit overnight to dry.
2. Tape off 1/4" stripes and paint Spring Pasture. Allow to dry.
3. Paint the inside of the cookie sheet with Black Chalkboard Paint. Allow to dry between coats.
4. Go back over the stripes with the Peridot and Garnet glitter paint. Allow to dry.
5. Cut two pieces of ribbon and glue to the back. Tie in a bow.
6. Condition the chalkboard by covering it with chalk and wiping it off before use.

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