All Purpose Ink Tips and Techniques

All Purpose Ink Tips and Techniques

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Imagine Craft
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API can be diluted up to 25% with water for pastel or lighter color variations.

Mix All-Purpose Ink (API) into Aloe Vera gel to thicken the ink for a more controlled application. The Aloe Vera will wash out of fabric completely.

Blend White API with darker colors to produce pastel colors.

Application of hand lotion prior to use will reduce staining of hands.

Launder fabric first if sizing is present.

All-Purpose Ink Facts:

Water-based and odorless, concentrated pigment ink

Suitable for fabric, wood, leather, porcelain, bisque, and other natural porous surfaces

Leaves a wonderfully soft hand; ink penetrates the fibers instead of sitting on top like acrylic paint

41 non-metallic and 6 shimmery/metallic colors

Basic Techniques:
1) Dip the tip of a Fantastix into an API bottle to allow the ink to wick up into the barrel of the Fantastix.
2) Apply color by lightly gliding the loaded Fantastix over project surface.
3) Heat set to make permanent.

Quick Troubleshooting:

To remove ink while still wet: API can generally be rinsed out while the ink is still wet

To remove ink while partially dry: Apply detergent to area before heat-setting the surrounding colors. Stain removal pens are also recommended (NOT bleach pens).
Launder without fabric softener.

Faux appliqué: stitch around API-colored fabric and images

Use API with shaving cream for unique marbling effects

Paint or spray API onto wet fabric and then sprinkle with salts for a mottled look

Perfect for filling in embroidery and outlined fabric

API is great for rubbings, stenciling and silk screening.

All-Purpose Ink Options:
1) API individual bottles (.5 fl oz)
2) API 4-Color Mini-Workstation: Includes 4 coordinating bottles of API, 1 ink dropper, 4 brush and 4 bullet tipped Fantastix with caps, Fantastix stand with 2 ink mixing wells and instructional DVD.
3) API 12-Color Workstation: Includes 12 coordinating bottles of API, 12 brush and 12 bullet tipped Fantastix with caps, acrylic workstation and instructional DVD.