Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet Magnets

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Courtney O'Dell
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  • 12"×12" stack of papers - Shop All Paper >
  • Cricut® Explore™
  • Cricut® Design Space™
  • Cricut® Mat, 12"×12" or 12"×24"
  • Silhouette® Magnet Sheet, pack of 4




  1. Open Cricut® Design Space™ software on and either upload personal font files or use their fonts to write out the alphabet. Alternate letters to get a different size for different letters to vary the look, or make them all one size.
  2. Create 5 lines of font and alternate which letters go on it (example: AKFPUZ, BGLQV, CHMRW, DINSX, and EJOTY) . If desired to have them all the same shape and color, this step can be eliminated.
  3. Cut out the magnet sheets and the paper.
  4. To cut the magnet sheet, lay sheet face down on the mat, adhesive backing side facing up, and set the Explore™ pressure at medium leather thickness, which cuts 3 times over the sheet. If not set it with the adhesive backing face up, use the mirror function so it cuts out right.
  5. Cut the cardstock using cardstock + pressure.
  6. When all the letters have been cut out, remove them carefully from the mat and remove the adhesive backing.
  7. Place the paper over the adhesive side of the magnet and press firmly.
  8. One letter magnet has been created. Repeat with the rest until finished.


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