Appliqued Gardening Tote

Appliqued Gardening Tote

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Prym Dritz
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Additional Information



  • Natural Canvas Tote
  • Dylon Permanent Dye (Royal Blue used)
  • Felt - three assorted colors
  • Printed woven ribbon
  • Matching Perle cotton or embroidery floss
  • Pattern, shown below
  • Basic sewing supplies


  1. Machine wash tote bag in order to remove all sizing and finishes.
  2. Dye tote bag with Dylon dye following directions from package.
  3. After dyeing process is complete, wash, dry and press tote bag.
  4. Pin ribbon around bottom of tote; overlap and turn under end to finish. Hand stitch with matching thread to attach.
  5. Trace garden shapes from pattern. Cut shapes from felt and pin to tote in pleasing design.
  6. Hand stitch shapes to bag using a blanket stitch and matching thread. Detail with French knots, if desired (see Helpful Tips).
  7. Tie ribbon bow and stitch to handle.


Blanket Stitch: A popular finishing stitch for edges. Work stitch from left to right, bringing needle from back to front. Insert needle from front to back to front in a single motion. Before pulling needle through fabric, carry floss under point of needle as shown in illustration.

Special note: Stitch length can be alternated to add a pattern effect to the finishing edge.

French Knot: Bring the thread out at the required position, hold the thread down with thumb and wrap the thread twice around the needle. Still holding the thread firmly, twist the needle back to the starting point and insert it close to where the thread first emerged (see arrow). Pull thread through to the back and secure for a single french knot or pass on to the position of the next stitch.