Arm Knit Necklace

Arm Knit Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Vickie Howell for Bernat

Additional Information



  • Bernat® Softee Chunky: Soft Taupe
  • Bernat® Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell: Hot Pink(ish), Coral(ish) or Turquoise(ish)
  • Bernat® Roving: Rice Paper
  • Bernat® Soft Boucle: White
  • Macrame beads - 2
  • Very large eyed yarn needle
  • Spray primer & metallic paint (optional)
  • Jewelry jump rings - 2
  • Necklace Clasp - 1
  • Jewelry wire
  • Jewelry pliers


GAUGE Doesn’t matter.

Holding all four strands of yarn together as if they were one yarn and leaving at least a 10" tail, cast on 3 sts.
1st Row: AK to end.
2nd Row: Slip all sts back onto the arm you just knit them off of; the working yarn will now be at the end of the row (closest to your elbow), instead of the beginning.
Bring the working yarn behind your work and AK the 1st stitch (the one closest to your wrist); AK to end. This method creates i-cord.
Repeat 2nd Row until piece measures 12″.
BO, leaving at least at least a 10″ tail

Prime and spray paint macrame beads; allow to dry.
Using a large-eyed yarn needle, feed tail strands through macrame bead; tie a knot to secure. Repeat on opposite side.
Braid tail strands (optional).
Using Jewelry pliers, generously wrap wire around tail strands of both ends; leave small space under last wrap; smoosh with pliers to secure.
Attach jump ring through wire wrap space on both ends. Attach necklace clasp onto one o-ring.
AK = arm knit