Arm Party Bracelets

Arm Party Bracelets

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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  • BRACELET 1 (Woven Amber Stone):
    Amber stone rounds
    Stretchy cord
  • BRACELET 2 (Turquoise & Leather Wrap Bracelet):
    Turquoise glass flower facetted beads
    Brown leather 2mm cord
    Brown bead thread
    Cord ends
    Bead glue
    Jump rings
    Lobster clasp
    Beading needle
    Needle nose pliers
  • BRACELET 3 (Bronze Pearls with Large Gold Clasp):
    6mm bronze pearls
    8mm bronze pearls
    Matte gold clasp
    Gold tiger tail
    Gold crimp beads
    Gold cable chain
    Crimp tool
    Wire cutter
  • BRACELET 4 (Large Ceramic Topaz Beads):
    Large ceramic rounds
    Stretchy cord
    Gold bead caps
  • BRACELET 5 (Topaz Glass Macrame):
    Topaz facetted rondelles
    Brown linen cord 2mm
    Super glue
  • BRACELET 6 (Turquoise & Brown Pearl Multi-Strand):
    4mm brown glass pearls
    4mm turquoise round glass beads
    Turquoise oval glass beads
    Copper tiger tail
    Copper crimps
    Copper flower toggle clasp
    Wire cutter
    Crimp tool
  • BRACELET 7 (Double-Strand Teal):
    Oxbrass teal 2-strand bead
    Teal MCC rondelle beads
    Stretchy cord
  • BRACELET 8 (Ox Brass Enamel Bead with Turquoise Foil):
    Turquoise flat round beads
    Ox brass enamel bead
    Stretchy cord
  • BRACELET 9 (Braided Multi-Strand):
    Brown Freshwater Pearls
    6mm green pearls
    4mm natural shell
    Turquoise oval glass beads
    Silver bar clasp
    Silver tiger tail
    Silver crimps
    Crimp tool
    Wire cutter
    Masking tape
  • BRACELET 10 (Gold Chain & Crystals):
    Large link Gold Chain
    Small topaz crystal rondelles
    Large topaz crystal rondelles
    Gold magnetic clasp
    Gold jump rings
    Needle nose pliers
  • BRACELET 11:
    Popcorn shell beads
    Stretchy cord


Stretchy Bracelets 4, 7, 8 & 11:
1. Start by cutting a length of stretchy cord about 12" long. String beads along 7"-8" of it until it reaches the desired length. For larger beads, add another 1/2" of beads to accommodate their large diameter.
2. Tie the ends together in a surgeon’s knot and tighten. Trim the ends, add a drop of glue on the knot, and hide the knot inside the nearest bead to protect it and create a finished look.

Bracelet 1:
Start by cutting a length of 36" of stretchy cord. Slide one stone bead onto the cord and center it.
2. String one bead onto each free end of the cord.
3. String one bead onto one end. Criss-cross the other cord end through this bead so that both ends of cord are going through it in opposite directions, and pull to tighten up the beads.
4. Repeat steps 3 and 4, criss-crossing through the center bead each time.
5. Continue until you have about 7" made. Add or remove beads and seed beads to customize this to the size of your wrist.
6. End with the two beads – one of each open end of cord.
7. To finish, string one open end of cord back through the very first bead used. Pull to tighten up the entire bracelet. Tie this end to the other string in a surgeon’s knot.
8. Secure with a dab of glue, trim the ends and hide the knot inside a bead.

Bracelet 2:
Start by cutting two lengths of brown leather 2mm cording, each about 12" long.
Double the bead thread, and tie the center of the bead thread onto the very top of the two pieces of leather cording.
Secure with a dab of glue, and, using a cord crimp, crimp this entire assembly to one cord crimp.
Using a beading needle, take the thread around the outside of the left linen cord. String one blue bead.
5. Take the thread around the right linen cord, then back through the bead, then around the left side linen cord again.
6. Repeat this process: stringing a bead, then around the right side, then back through the bead and around the left side, until you’ve strung about 6-1/2"-7" worth of beads.
7. Tie off your bead thread, add a dab of glue, and crimp this other side with a cord crimp. Trim the ends.
8. To each cord crimp add a gold jump ring and a lobster clasp to finish.

Bracelet 3:
Start by cutting four pieces of gold tiger tail, each 10" long.
2. Using the crimping technique and gold crimp beads, crimp each on to the outside two loops of your gold matte large clasp.
3. Begin stringing beads onto each one, starting with one 6mm beige pearl, then two 8mm beige pearls.
4. Cut a small length of gold curb chain, about 1-1/2" long. Using this chain as a spacer bar, string the tiger tail through it to evenly space the multiple strands of the bracelet.
5. String another two 8mm beads onto each strand, then another piece of gold link chain. Continue this pattern until you’ve strung 6 lengths of chain. Finish those strands with another two 8mm beads, and one 6mm bead.
6. Using the crimping technique, crimp these to the open loops of the other side of the clasp and trim.

Bracelet 5:
Start by cutting three lengths of brown linen cord: one 18", one 36" and one 36". Let’s call these: Cord A (18"), Cord B (36") and Cord C (32")
2. String 7 beads onto Cord A, and tie a simple knot at the very top of that cord.
3. Secure this simple knot just under the clip of a clipboard, to hold it in place while you start your knotting. Tape the bottom of Cord A to the clip board as well so the beads don’t fall off.
4. Take Cord B and center it under Cord A, leaving about 5" of space from the clip board to where to will make your first knot.
5. Start making macramé square knots by using Cord B tying knots on to Cord A.
6. After making 4 knots, slide one bead up to where you are knotting and knot the next square knot around this bead.
7. Make three more square knots and slide another bead up. Continue in this manner until you’ve strung 7 beads and end with 4 square knots.
8. At this point you are done with Cord B, so let’s get it out of the way by tying a simple overhand knot on one side of it, and moving that knot to as close to the last square knot you tied as you can get it. Do the same with the other side of Cord B. Add a dab of glue and trim the end as close as you can.
9. Next, take your bracelet out of the clipboard. Onto one end of Cord A, string a single bead and tie simple knot on either side of the bead to hold it in place. Do the same with the other end of Cord A.
10. Criss-cross those ends to form a circle. We will now use Cord C to form a sliding set of knots that will make this bracelet adjustable.
11. Take Cord C and center it onto both sides of Cord A. Start making square knots. Continue making know until you’ve knotted about 3" worth.
12. Like you tied off Cord B, do the same with the ends of Cord C – tie simple knots as close to the last square knot as possible, glue and trim.

Bracelet 6:
Start by cutting six lengths of copper tiger tail, each 14" long.
2. Using three copper crimp beads, crimp these strands in in twos to the loop of your clasp.
3. String one oval turquoise bead onto each pair of tiger tails.
4. String one round turquoise bead onto each single piece of tiger tail.
5. String five round bronze 4mm pearls onto each single piece of tiger tail.
6. String one round turquoise bead onto the first tiger tail. Let’s call that “TT1". Next, take TT2 through that same bead. Inside the bead those TTs should criss-cross, then each should be strung onto an oval turquoise bead.
7. Next, take TT3 through a round turquoise bead and an oval turquoise bead.
8. Take TT4 through the round turquoise bead from step 7, and also through the oval turquoise bead from step 6.
9. Take TT5 through a round turquoise bead and an oval turquoise bead.
10. Take TT6 through the round turquoise bead from step 9, and also through the oval turquoise bead from step 7.
11. Keep in mind that your Tiger Tails should criss-cross inside the round beads before heading out to an adjacent oval bead.
12. At this point you should’ve ended with various TTs coming out of four different oval turquoise beads. Let’s number those TTs again from top to bottom, TT1-6.
13. String TT1 through a round bead. String TT2 (which is emerging from the next turquoise oval bead) through the same round bead.
14. String TT3 and 4 through one round bead.
15. String TT5 and 6 through one round bead.
16. Now you are ready to string your next set of five bronze pearls onto each TT.
17. Continue this pattern to your desired length. For us, that was 6 sets of the bronze pearls. End with the last set of bronze pearls, then each TT goes through a round turquoise bead, then into only three oval turquoise beads. Finish each set of TTs with a copper crimp bead and attach the other side of the toggle clasp.

Bracelet 9:

1. Start by cutting four lengths of silver tiger tail, each 12" long.
2. Using the crimping technique, crimp each of these onto a different loop of the 3-loop clasp. The middle loop gets an extra strands as you have 4 total.
3. Start string beads as shown in the picture: single strands of the same bead. String until you have about 7-1/2" worth of beads, depending on the desired length of your finished bracelet.
4. Using a piece of masking tape, tape off the ends of each strand so the beads won’t fall off in the next step.
5. Starting at the clasp, braid your four strands together. When you reach the end of the strands, remove the tape and carefully crimp each strand to the nearest open loop of the clasp.

Bracelet 10:
Start by creating connectors by sliding one two small and one large topaz facetted beads onto a gold eyepin and forming a simple loop. Repeat to create 6 identical connectors.
2. Connect these to each other to create a chain of connectors.
3. Cut two pieces of large-link gold chain the same length as your chain of connectors.
4. Connect all three strands to each side of your clasp using gold jump rings.