Assorted Paper Pumpkins

Assorted Paper Pumpkins

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: die cuts with a view
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  • DCWV®:
    12"x12" Pumpkin Patch printed cardstock stack
    12"x12" Pumpkin Patch solid cardstock stack
    6"x6" handmade fiber stack
  • Brads
  • Tools for embossing
  • 1/8"-1/4" hole punch
  • 2" paper crafting circle punch
  • Die cut machine with access to maple leaves and circles in varying sizes
  • Paper crafting adhesive, including hot glue
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Scoring tool
  • Pencil


Hollow Pumpkins
1. Select a variety of coordinating solids and/or prints for each pumpkin.
2. Beginning with the first set of prints and solids, cut several elongated scalloped ovals. If desired, add texture to a selection of ovals by embossing them with various designs.
3. Ink around the edges of each oval and then punch a small hole in the top and the bottom as well. Attach the top sides together with a brad. Bend the ovals in a half circle and attach the bottom sides together with a brad as well. Spread the ovals around to create the pumpkin.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each remaining pumpkin.
5. Wet desired piece of paper from the fiber stack. Twist, squeeze, and roll it together into desired stem shape. Trim any excess and flatten the bottom of the stem; set aside to dry.
6. Repeat the above process for each pumpkin.
7. Create any desired leaves, tendrils, and/or flowers from the Pumpkin Patch and/or Fiber Stacks.
8. Punch out a 2" circle for each pumpkin. Attach one on the bottom of each pumpkin using hot glue.
9. Attach a stem to the top of each pumpkin using hot glue. Add in any tendrils, flowers, or leaves as desired.

Circle Pumpkin
1. Select 4-5 prints from the Pumpkin Patch stack.
2. Cut 2 large circles from each one and fold them in half, the print facing in.
3. Beginning with the first circle, adhere the back of the right side to the back of the left side of the next circle. Adhere the back of the right side of the second circle to the back of the left side of the third. Repeat the process until the circles come together with the original circle, forming an accordion pumpkin shape.
4. Select 2-3 coordinating solids from the Pumpkin Patch cardstock stack.
5. Cut a strip from the first solid measuring 1-1/2"x12". Roll this tightly into a cylinder and adhere the end in place. Attach this to the top of the pumpkin.
6. Cut maple leaves and tendrils from the remaining solids. Attach them around the top of the pumpkin as desired.