Autumn Door Hanger

Autumn Door Hanger

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  • text-UR® foam variety pack-Multi
  • Fibre Craft foam stickers – Poster letters
  • Raffia (ten 18" strips and five 30" strips)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or foam glue


Finished size: 20"x4"

1. Cut one orange foam sheet into 4 equal rectangles – 4"x3".
2. Cut one orange rectangle into 3 strips, 4"x1".
Use strips to glue across backs of rectangles to hold them together.
3. Cut one brown foam sheet into 3 rectangles – 4"x3".
4. From remaining brown foam, cut one brown strip, 4"x1" to make hanger.

1. Lay 3 brown and 3 orange rectangles vertically, alternating colors,
textured sides down.
2. Glue 3 orange strips across centers of rectangle backs to connect them.
4. Tie two 18" raffia pieces into a bow. Repeat to make 5 bows.
5. Using a 3D space-ur™, attach bows to front between rectangles.
6. Fold brown strip in half. Glue ends across top of first rectangle to make hanger.
Cut a hanging hole in strip.
7. Gather the five 30" raffia pieces together & tie into a bow.
8. Attach Large bow to hanging strip with 3D space-ur™.
9. Press letters on rectangles to spell “AUTUMN.”

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