Autumn Wall Basket

Autumn Wall Basket

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  • Wall basket
  • 2 pkgs dried floral: mixed grain bunch assortment
  • 1 pkg dyed Spanish moss
  • 1 bag pine cones with apples: assorted cone mix
  • 1 block soft florist foam
  • Floral tape: green or brown
  • Glue gun, glue sticks
  • Cutting utensil
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DIRECTIONS: Refer to photo often for placement of items.
?1. Fill top of basket with foam. Secure around edges with a bead of hot glue.

2. Select & cluster items into desired look. Cluster & trim delicate stems into a small bouquet and wrap with floral tape. The same technique can be used for firmer stems.

3. Make a small hole in the foam with a piece of plastic stem. Dab glue on the taped dried bouquet and insert.

4. Finish with pine cones and apple slices. Use pieces and green moss to hide any visible foam.

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