Baby Pin Onesies

Baby Pin Onesies

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Provo Craft
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Additional Information



  • Yudu Personal Screen Printer
  • Ink: pastel set, silver
  • Registration panels
  • Adult T-shirt platen
  • Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
  • Cricut New Arrival cartridge
  • Black cardstock
  • White Gerber Onesies garment
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape



  1. Using Cricut Expression machine, New Arrival cartridge & black cardstock, cut one 2-1/2" <sftypn>. Cut tops off safety pins.


  1. Prepare 2 sheets of emulsion & screens as directed in Yudu user manual.
  2. Register artwork. Press light table button. Place 1st registration panel on registration posts. Attach bottoms of the safety pins to the registration panel with clear tape.
  3. Place 2nd registration panel over 1st design layer. Arrange tops of safety pins to align with the bottoms. Tape tops to the 2nd registration panel.
  4. Remove the registration panels & burn each piece on separate transparencies.
  5. Rinse design areas on screens as directed. Allow screens to dry.


  1. Put Onesies garment on platen & secure. Tape sides of garment to platen. Slide a piece of cardstock inside garment to prevent ink seeping through.
  2. Put screen with the bottom half of the pins on Yudu machine. Place a generous bead of silver ink above design area.
  3. Flood design. Pull design twice before lifting lid, to remove and clean screen. Do not remove garment from platen. Allow garment to dry before moving on to 2nd layer.
  4. Put 2nd screen on Yudu machine. Tape off the tops of all pins but one. Place a small amount of lavender ink above design area and repeat the pulling process.
  5. Repeat above step with the other 2 pin tops using pink ink for 1 and sky ink for the other.
  6. Heat set Onesies garment as directed in user Yudu manual.