BARC Wood Fall Wreath

BARC Wood Fall Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: ARC Crafts
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Additional Information



  • BARC:
    • Wood Cherry Wood 8.5X11 Sheet with Paper Backing
    • Wood Cherry Wood 8.5X11 Sheet with Adhesive Backing
    • Wood Cherry Wood Tape 1" x 15' Roll
    • Wood White Birch Wood Tape 1" x 15' Roll
  • White Birch 12"x24" Adhesive Roll
  • Rustic White Birch 12"x24" Adhesive Roll
  • Cherry 12"x24" Adhesive Roll
  • Rustic Cherry 12"x24" Adhesive Roll
  • Small foam wreath base
  • 1-1/4" striped ribbon
  • 1/2" burgundy ribbon
  • Small pinecones
  • Small plastic berries
  • Various leaf dies & a die cutting machine
  • Alphabet stamp set & burgundy ink
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Scissors


1. Wrap foam wreath with BARC Cherry Wood tape. Cover wreath completely.
2. Cut out leaves from a variety of BARC wood sheets and rolls using leaf dies and a die cutting machine. Approximately 30 leaves are required (5 Cherry, 5 Rustic Cherry, 5 White Birch, 5 Rustic White Birch).
3. Arrange leaves onto right side of wreath and glue down with hot glue.
4. Wooden flowers: Adhere two 6"x6" pieces BARC wood sheets back to back. Cut a spiral shape. Twist, turn and shape spiral into a flower and adhere together with hot glue.
5. Create wooden shapes for flower centers and glue down. Fill empty flower centers with plastic berries. Create 3 flowers using BARC White Birch (1) and BARC Cherry (2) adhesive rolls.
6. Arrange flowers and pinecones onto wreath and adhere.
7. FALL ribbon banner: Adhere two 15" pieces of BARC Birch Wood tape back to back.
8. Cut a V flag shape each end. Roll, fold and glue wood ribbon to create a banner shape.
9. Stamp FALL in the center of ribbon banner using burgundy ink.
10. Adhere ribbon banner and more pinecones onto wreath.
11. Tie ribbons to wreath to hang.