Beach Chair Cover

Beach Chair Cover

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Babyville Boutique
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  • Babyville Boutique Products:
  • 2 yds Forest Friends or print of choice PUL Fabric
  • 4 sets Green snaps
  • Snap Pliers
  • 1-3/4 yd green terrycloth
  • Dritz® Home Hem Gauge
  • Dritz Products:
  • Mark-B-Gone™ marking pen
  • Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler
  • Tape measure
  • Getta Grip® Sewing Clips
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine with matching threads
  • Iron & pressing surface


  1. Measure width of chair and add 2". Measure length of chair back and seat; add 10". Cut terrycloth to this size.
  2. Add 5" to terry cloth width and 11" to terry cloth length. Cut Forest Friends PUL to this measurement.
  3. When pressing, use hem gauge to prevent unwanted fusing. Using the hem gauge, press all PUL fabric edges over 1/2" to wrong side.
  4. Remove the hem gauge and press again from the PUL right side to fuse the hemmed edges. Do not press directly on the laminate side of PUL.
  5. On long sides, again press edges over 2" to wrong side using hem gauge.
  6. On top edge, press edge over 6" to wrong side using hem gauge.
  7. On bottom edge, press edge over 4" to wrong side using hem gauge.
  8. From the laminate side of PUL, open all pressed edges and position terry cloth within the pressed lines of the PUL.
  9. Fold the long edges over terry cloth and use Getta Grip clips to hold in place.
  10. Pin edge and stitch along entire length of side hems.
  11. Miter top and bottom corners. Pin mark top corner of terry cloth. At pin, fold side hem in 2" at top edge. This will form an angled edge and point should meet the side hem when folded down. Press and repeat for all corners.
  12. Fold top edge down and pin angles and edge. Edge stitch along angles and hem edge. Repeat for bottom hem.
  13. Apply snaps at top of cover. Position stud 1/2" from top edge and 2" in from side edge. Position socket 5-1/2" from top edge and 2" in from side edge. Both caps should be on the right side of the cover. Apply snaps following package instructions.
  14. Drape top edge of cover over chair and secure snaps around top bar. Lay cover over chair and mark PUL side of cover at side bars near bottom of back for strap position.
  15. Cut two 2" x 8" strips of PUL. Press in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, to fuse straps. Stitch along all edges. Apply snaps 1" for ends.
  16. Position center of strap over hem stitching at mark. Stitch down center of strap directly over hem stitching to secure. Repeat on other side with second strap.
  17. Reposition cover on chair and secure straps around bar at bottom of back.

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