Beaded "Create" Sign

Beaded "Create" Sign

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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Assorted Glass and acrylic beads in shades of Pink, Peach, Green, Purple,        Turquoise and Red
Foam-core board
X-Acto Knife
Heavy-Duty Double-stick tape
Fishing line
Digital software and printer, or sketch paper
Seed bead spinner
Gem-tac glue
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1. Discard the glass.  Measure frame’s inside measurements.
2. Create a digital template of the word “Create” in a desired font.  Scale it up to the size of the frame.
3. Print out the word on a large sheet of paper.
4. Alternatively, sketch out the letters on a paper in the correct size to make a template.
5. Cut a piece of foam core board in the correct size to fit inside the frame.  Center the printed-out (or sketched) word on it and adhere the paper to the board using heavy-duty double-sided tape. Trim the excess paper.
6. Use this template as guide to begin adding beads to each letter.  For each letter, start with a “bed” of 6/0 seed beads:
a. To do this using loose seed beads:  Use fishing line (do not cut a piece from the spool), string a few feet of one color of seed beads – either stringing by hand or using a bead spinner.
b. To do this using seed beads already strung in a hank:  Cut apart one strand of the hank and keep the beads on the string.
7. Lay down a thick layer of Gem-tac glue onto the first letter.  Working in small sections, hold the end of the strung beads and lay them into the glue to outline the letter. Once the beads are positioned as desired, pull out the fishing line/string to leave only the beads nestled down into the glue. This will allow many beads to be placed at once and will ensure that they are all facing the correct direction.
8. Continue using this technique to create straight or curved lines to fill in each letter.  Allow to dry.
9. Further embellish each letter with patterns of beads hot glued on top; either placed individually, or in straight-line patterns using the same technique previously noted.
10. Once the letters are all embellished, fill in the background with a combination of clear and white seed beads in a spiral pattern.  This is achieved using the same technique of fishing line with glue, working in small sections.  Allow to dry.