Beaded Mask

Beaded Mask

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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Additional Information



  • 1 pkg. purple resin bead strand
  • 1 pkg. clear glass fcd round beads
  • 1 pkg. black glass
  • 1 pkg. purple coin resin bead
  • 1 pkg. pink/purple plastic round glitter beads
  • 1 pkg. OXS teardrops
  • 7 pkg. blue glass teardrop
  • 1 pkg. blue faceted glass beads 4mm
  • 5 pkg. pink purple faceted glass beads 4mm
  • 1 pkg. purple 6mm round glass beads
  • 1 pkg. purple metallic seed beads
  • 2 pkg. blue seed bead
  • 1 pkg. Royal blue seed bead
  • 48 inches long 1/4" wide Purple Satin Ribbon
  • 24 inches long 3/8" wide Royal Sheer/Satin Ribbon
  • 5 yards black bead thread
  • 1 bead needle
  • 72 inches silver wire, 24 gauge
  • 5 purple feathers
  • 3 dark blue feathers
  • 1 Gem-Tac permanent adhesive
  • 1 mask
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Silver metallic spray paint
  • Wire cutters


1. Start by spray-painting your mask a silver metallic shade, and set aside to dry.
2. Thread the needle with 3-1/2 yards of black beading thread and make a knot on one end of the thread.
3. String 10 blue seed beads, bring the needle back through the first bead to create a circle, then string one purple faceted glass bead 4mm and bring the needle back through the 6th blue seed bead to create a flower.
4. Repeat the process explained in steps 2 and 3, creating one strand with 38 flowers. To finish, make a knot on the last flower.
5. Repeat this process to make second strand of 35 flowers.
6. Thread the needle with 8"long of black bead thread and make a small flower using six Black AB Teardrop beads and one purple glass bead. Set aside.
7. Next, cut three pieces of silver 24-gauge beading wire, each about 24"-30" long. Make three wired flowers using light resin and plastic beads. Twist the free ends of all three flowers to create one “stem". Set aside.
8. On your mask (make sure it is completely dry!), draw on “eyebrows" and swirl flourishes beneath the eyes. Our eyebrows and our swirl flourishes were all 4" long.
9. Cut a piece of black beading thread about 8" long. Tie a knot at one end and string about 4" worth of purple seed beads. Over top of the pencil lines you made in Step 8, draw a thin bead of Gem-Tac glue. Carefully lay your 4" length of beaded thread onto the glue line, starting with the knotted end. Once all the beads are laid down, just trim the end – no need to knot it; the glue will hold the beads in place.
10. Continue adding beads to your pencil lines in this same manner.
11. Also add outlines to the eye using the same technique – this time, with blue seed beads.
12. Add other lines and bead embellishments with glue as needed. We added some metal bead connectors at the corners of the eye and some individual beads.
13. Cut 2 pieces of blue ribbon, each 12" long. Tie these on to the ribbon holes in the mask – these will be the ribbon you tie around your head to hold the mask on.
14. Next, start to apply the daisy chains you created in Steps 2 and 3. Start with the 35-flower chain, and start gluing that down along the bottom of the mask, starting about 1-1/2" from the left side. Glue this all the way around.
15. Also glue the 38-flower chain to the top of the mask, following its contours.
16. Next, take your beaded flowers you made with wire. Wire those onto the left-side hole in the mask, making sure the flowers face forward.
17. Cut two pieces of purple and two pieces of blue ribbon, each 12" long. Hot glue all four lengths to the left side of the mask so that they hang down in a pretty way.
18. Next, create a fan of blue and purple feathers by hot-gluing them together. Hot glue this fan to the left side of the mask, on top of the ribbons, arranging the beaded/wired flowers in front of the feather.
19. Finally, take the 6-petal flower you beaded earlier and place that at the top of the mask.