Beaded Peacock Frame

Beaded Peacock Frame

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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  • Teal Glass AB Rose Beads
  • Teal Glass Disco Ball Beads
  • Blue MCC Rondelle beads
  • Rainbow MCC Rondelle beads
  • Teal acrylic Disc beads
  • Black AB Seed Beads
  • Oval Shaped Clear and Rainbow Glass Beads
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue/ glue gun
  • Beading needle
  • Silver 26-gauge wire


1. Create a band of Black AB seed beads by using the Right Angle Weave stitch to weave several rows of seed beads the same width as the frame. On both the first row and the last (inner) row, pick up Rainbow MCC Rondelle beads and Teal Glass rose beads for further decoration along these edges.
2. Adhere the band to the frame carefully using hot glue. Create bead flowers using Blue MCC Rondelles and a Teal Glass disco ball bead as follows:
     a) Cut a length of fishing line about 12" long.
     b) String 10 Blue MCC Rondelles, then continue back through the first Blue Rondelle to form a circle.
     c) String a Teal Disco ball bead, then go back through the bead across the circle from the first Blue Rondelle, going in the opposite direction that the circle of beads was original strung.
     d) Tie this off in a knot and trim the ends.
     e) Repeat to create 12 of these flowers.
3. Glue these flowers on to the front of the frame using hot glue.
4. Create one large beaded flower for the top center of the frame using this flower-making technique:
     a) Cut a length of 24-gauge silver wire about a yard long. String one bead and bring to the center of the wire. Fold the bead over the wire so that the two wires meet at the small end of the teardrop. Twist the wire together about three times to “trap" the bead on the wire and hold it in place.
     b) Repeat this procedure 7 more times, adding “petals" to both free ends of the wire, each time stringing a bead on, folding it over, and twisting to create a total of 8 petals.
     c) To create the center, use the same wire and string on a silver rondelle. Using the same technique as above, slide it to the center and twist it on itself to trap it in place. Do this again to create a 6-piece center.
     d) String one disco ball bead onto one of the free ends and anchor it into the center of the flower. Wrap the free ends of the wire through and underneath, around the bottom petals to firm up the whole assembly.
5. Adhere this flower to the frame with hot glue.