Beaded Pumpkin

Beaded Pumpkin

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Cousin Corporation
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  • Cousin ® Black Oval Link Chain (2 pk)
  • Cousin ® 4mm/6mm Black Bicone Mix (1 pk)
  • Black eye pins (61 pc)
  • Black 4mm jump rings (14 pc)
  • 6" foam pumpkin (1)
  • 12"x12" scrapbook paper (1+ sheet)
  • Mod Podge® waterbase sealer
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Bead reamer/sharp pointed instrument
  • Water
  • Brush


1. Rip the sheet(s) of scrapbook paper into strips. If the paper is thick, dampen the sheets in a little water to make them more pliable.
2. Coat the back of a strip of paper with Mod Podge® and adhere to the pumpkin. Repeat until the entire surface of the pumpkin is covered. Coat the outside of the paper with a thick layer of Mod Podge® and allow to dry.
3. While the Mod Podge® sealant dries, make the 45 bicone links.
4. Once the sealant is dry, push the reamer or tool into the bottom of the pumpkin stem to create a small hole.
5. Attach an eye pin to the black chain. Dip the eye pin into a little Mod Podge® and push down into the hole at the stem.
6. Bring the chain down the side, under and back up on the other side of the pumpkin. Trim the chain and attach an eye pin to the end.
7. Push a small hole into the pumpkin, dip the pin into the sealer and push it into the hole.
8. Repeat steps 4-7 three more times keeping the chains a uniform distance apart, creating the illusion of spider legs coming from the top of the pumpkin.
9. Repeat steps 4-5. Trim the chain approximately 1" from the eye pin. Attach a bicone link then attach the chain. Trim the chain into a short length and attach a bicone. Repeat, using a total of 5-6 bicones links either separately or linked together along the side. Then attach the chain.
10. Bring the chain down under the pumpkin until it reaches one of the full lengths of chain from step 8. Trim the chain and attach it to the full length using a 4mm jump ring.
11. Repeat steps 9-10, adjusting the small lengths of chain so that the bicones stagger and don’t form a pattern.
12. Once all of the chains and bicones are attached, brush black paint onto the stem of the pumpkin. Cover the creases and any hole that may show from the eye pins being inserted into the top. Allow to dry.