Beaded Tabletop Trees

Beaded Tabletop Trees

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • Styrofoam brand foam cones: One 9"x3-7/8" cone
  • One 12"x4-7/8" cone
  • Design Master Colortool spray paint, 1 can each:
  • Brilliant Gold
  • Antique Gold
  • 3 pkgs 7mm x 33" Gold Mardi Gras beads
  • Sobo glue
  • 1" Foam brush
  • Craft Essentials fine gold glitter
  • Small metal container
  • Water and small dish
  • Parchment paper, plastic wrap
  • Straight pins, scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Sharp pointed object, optional:
  • Pencil, knitting needle or pointed dowel
  • 1 Wooden dowel and handsaw, optional
  • 2 Pewter taper holders, optional


  1. Spray foam cones lightly with Brilliant Gold spray paint. Let dry.
  2. Set one foam cone on parchment paper. Snip one set of beads to form one long strand. Cut length of beads to fit around base of foam cone. Glue this first row of beads around the base, pinning with straight pins through the string every inch to hold securely while glue dries. Repeat with 2 more rows, then let dry thoroughly. Note: This creates a solid base for the remaining beads.
  3. Gently remove pins by holding beads with one hand and pulling pins with other hand.
  4. Continue adding rows of beads until you reach the top of the cone. Be sure to continue pinning every inch or so to hold beads securely while drying. At the top of cone, create a point by layering the beads, gluing and pinning. Let dry thoroughly.
  5. Drape additional beads over beaded cone, gluing and pinning as desired. Refer to photo (see PDF) for suggestions. Let dry thoroughly; remove pins.
  6. Spray paint the bottom of the cone with Brilliant Gold spray paint. Let dry.
  7. Spray some of the Antique Gold spray paint into the metal container to get a small puddle. Dip a crumpled up paper towel into the paint and dab the paint to the beaded cone as desired. Let dry.
  8. Water down a small amount of glue (1 part water with 1 part glue) in a small dish. Using the 1" foam brush,apply mixture sparsely over beaded cone. Sprinkle glitter lightly over areas covered with glue. Shake off excess glitter and let dry thoroughly.


  1. Cut two 4" pieces of wooden dowel with a saw.
  2. Poke a starter hole in the center of each cone base.
  3. Push the 4" dowel into cone 3" and then remove.
  4. As in step 7 above, dab or wipe Antique Gold paint all over the pewter taper holder until the desired effect is achieved. Let dry thoroughly.
  5. Glue the 4" dowel into the cone being generous with the Sobo glue. The dowel should protrude 1" from the base. Let the cone dry upside down so the glue will not run down the outside of the dowel. Let dry thoroughly.
  6. Place the beaded cone into the taper holder. If necessary, wrap plastic wrap around the dowel base for a tighter fit.