Beautiful Banana Creme Jewelry

Beautiful Banana Creme Jewelry

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jesse James
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Additional Information



•             Round Nose Pliers

•             Flat Pliers

•             Jewelry Wire Cutters

•             4mm Jump Ring Gold Plated

•             22 Gauge Wire Silver Plated

•             2’’ Pinhead

•             1’’ Fish Hook earring wire

•             1 strand of Jesse James Banana Crème #1.

•             1 strand of Jesse James Banana Crème #2.

•             1 packet of the Design Element Bellini

•             1 packet of the Inspirations Banana Crème.

•             3 Jesse James Beads Grand Finale magnetic Decorative Finding (Small Clasps).

•             1 Jesse James Beads Grand Finale magnetic Decorative Finding (Large Clasp).

•             2 Jesse James Beads Chain Reaction #3.



1.            Choose beads to be used in jewelry pieces.  For 18’’ necklace use approximately 30 beads and glass from all strands, Design Elements and Inspirations.

2.            Arrange in desired pattern.

3.            Take 22-gauge wire and put through hole in the first bead.

4.            Leaving ample space on either side cut the wire with the wire cutters.

5.            Take the round nose pliers to the one end of the cut wire and with the end of the pliers, clamp down on wire and roll into a circle big enough to stop the bead from going through the hole. Do the same to the other side of the cut wire. Repeat this step till all beads have wire through them and rolled at ends.

6.            Take one jump ring and flat pliers and open jump ring at the pre-cut.

7.            Take open jump ring and insert them through rolled hole at the end first end of the bead.

8.            While holding the jump ring with flat pliers, take second bead and put the first rolled hole through already open jump ring.

9.            Holding both beads with the jump rings, take round nose pliers and flat pliers and close the gap. 

10.          Continue doing Step 6-9, linking all beads randomly to make cluster.

11.          After cluster is made and ends are defined, attach the

12.          At the end of each necklace end, link 2 jump rings.

13.          Like with the beads attach one end of the magnetic clasp.

14.          Repeat with the opposite end of chain.


1.            For 9’’ bracelet; cut two pieces of chain evenly. Place chains parallel to each other.

2.            Select approximately 10-15 beads and arrange beads on both sides of bracelet.

3.            Repeat steps 3-9 of necklace.

4.            At the end of each chain end, link chain with jump ring.

5.            Like with the beads attach one end of the magnetic clasp.

6.            Repeat with the opposite end of bracelet.


1.            For earrings; 2 tear drop glass; 2 white ceramics; 2 magnetic clasps

2.            Arrange in pattern.

3.            Put 2’’ pinhead through the 2 beads.

4.            With ample space above the top bead, take your wire cutter and cut the excess wire off.

5.            Roll the space above the top into a loop.

6.            Arrange and link jump ring like on the bracelet/necklace.

7.            Then, using magnetic clasp, link the jump ring from the beads to the magnetic clasps.

8.            Then using a jump ring, link the magnetic clasp to the fish hook earring wire.