Bejeweled Candelabra

Bejeweled Candelabra

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Additional Information


• Candelabra(s)
• Faceted crystal beads in 
various sizes, 6mm & 8mm
• Crystal & silver strung beads, 
various styles
• 15mm berry crystal beads
• Clear jewelry stretch cord
• Eye pins
• Head pins
• Scissors
• Round-nose pliers
• Flat-nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Candelabra 1:
1. Cut a length of stretch cord twice as long as the length of the 
candelabra arm.
2. String enough beads to measure the length of the arm. 
3. Tie one end of the cord to one end of the arm. Tie a few knots. 
4. Position the first bead next to the knot. Wrap stretch cord around 
the arm once. Pull up another bead from the strand. Position it 
next to the first bead. Wrap cord around arm again. Continue all 
the way around and back until arm is covered as desired. Knot to 
finish. Trim excess. Repeat for all arms.
5. Create beaded drops by adding a bead to an eye pin and 
creating a loop. Repeat using different types of beads. Connect 
beads together. End the beaded drop with a bead and head pin. 
6. Attach beaded drops to candelabra arm using stretch cord.