Bell Creature

Bell Creature

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • One 1-1/2" pompom, yellow
  • 1 Jingle bell, fuchsia
  • Five 1/2" pompoms, yellow
  • 2 Star jewels, fuchsia
  • Two 6mm chenille stems, dark blue
  • 2 Wiggle eyes
  • One 3mm chenille stem, dark blue
  • Scissors
  • Two glitter chenille stems: 1 dark blue, 1 fuchsia
  • Glue



  1. Cut two 6" pieces from one dark blue 6mm chenille stem for legs.
  2. Cut one 2" piece from other dark blue 6mm chenille stem for neck.
  3. Cut two 5" pieces from dark blue 3mm chenille stem for arms; use remaining 2" piece for nose.
  4. Cut two 6" pieces from fuchsia 3mm glitter chenille stem for wings.
  5. Cut three 4" pieces from dark blue 3mm glitter chenille stem for antennae and tail.


  1. Using 2" dark blue 3mm chenille stem, make a small spiral that ends in a point for nose. Glue nose to center of 1-1/2" yellow pompom, then glue wiggle eyes in place above nose. For antennae, use two 4" dark blue 3mm glitter chenille stem pieces and make loose spirals. Glue a fuchsia star onto end of each antenna, then glue antennae to top center of head. Make a small spiral with 2" dark blue 6mm chenille stem, then glue one end to bottom center of head for neck. Glue other end to top of jingle bell (body).
  2. For arms, make a spiral out of each 5" dark blue 3mm chenille stem. Glue a 1/2" yellow pompom onto end of arm, then glue open end of arm to side of bell. Repeat with other arm on other side of bell.
  3. Make a spiral with each 6" piece of 6mm dark blue chenille stem for legs. Glue a 1/2" yellow pompom to one end of each leg, then glue both legs onto center bottom of bell.
  4. Make a circle with 6" fuchsia glitter chenille stem. Find center edge of circle opposite cut ends. Bring cut ends to center edge and glue in place to form a wing shape that resembles a "B." Repeat with remaining 6" fuchsia glitter chenille stem, then glue wings to center back of bell.
  5. Make a loose spiral with remaining 4" dark blue glitter chenille stem for tail. Glue a 1/2" yellow pompom to one end, then glue other end to center back of bell under wings.