Berry Picking Earrings

Berry Picking Earrings

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  • Bliss Beads:
    Amethyst Glass swirl 6x14mm rectangle twist
    Ruby glass 10mm faceted round
    Rose dyed quartzite 6mm round
  • Blue Moon®:
    Silver plated bead caps
    Silver plated fancy headpins
    Silver plated ear wires
  • Craft wire, nickel silver, 22 gauge
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters


1. On a headpin, string one quartzite. Create a wrapped loop.
2. Cut 4' of beading wire. Make a wrapped loop. Before closing the loop, string the dangle from step 1. Wrap to secure.
3. On the wire, string one each: silver bead cap, ruby, silver bead cap, amethyst twist.
4. Create a wrapped loop at the top to secure, trimming and tucking in any excess wire.
5. Attach the finished dangle to the ear wire.
6. Repeat steps 15 for the other earring.


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