Best Holiday Table Scape

Best Holiday Table Scape

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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? 3- Different sizes of white ceramic vases (height from 10”-14”)

? Assorted silk flowers of burgundy: feather plumes, dark full flowers,

? Assorted artificial cream flowers, white little popcorn flowers

? Assorted brown twiggy stems

? Real dried stems of cotton plants (short and tall)

? Gold berry stems and gold glittery leaf stems


? Round birch disks

? Leftover berry stems: gold/white and some gold balls from the long gold ball stems.

? 1- Package of mini rosette garland (6 disks)

? Burlap ribbon

? 1- package of container wrap

? 1- Gold paint marker

? 1- Black thin sharpie marker


? 4- Long birch sticks

? Leftover burlap ribbon

? Leftover gold and white berry stems


? White popcorn trim 6” each piece

? 1- Birch stick in each napkin

? Grey linen napkins

? Leftover stems of gold and silver berries (2 of each per napkin ring)

? Glue Gun

? Wire cutters

? Scissor


1. VASES:  Using wire cutters, clip flowers and stems to the height you desire and 

arrange in each vase using the same amount of each kind and color, using the 

shorter stems in the shorter white container. Try to make the taller stems in the 

middle of the arrangements. Space the colors evenly around in the vase making 

the colors balanced on all sides.

2. PLACE TAGS:  Take the birch disks and hot glue them to the paper rosettes.

3. Using your scissors trim the disks to about ¼” away from the disks.

4. Cut rectangle shapes for labels out of the container wrap.  Hot glue these to a 

piece of burlap ribbon.  Trim the burlap ribbon to ¼” beyond the container wrap.

5. Fringe the burlap on the tags, as you desire.

6. Cut a bunch of little berry twigs to use for the prop arms to hold the place cards.

7. On one edge of the birch disk hot glue two little berry twigs on the left and one 

on the right.  Bend the twigs around to the sides and front to hold the place 

cards in place, kind of like arms.  Glue a few gold balls and a few small berry 

stems on the disk to hold the cards in place at the front of the disk.

8. Using a pencil, lightly write the names of the person on the container wrap on 

the name cards then trace it with the gold paint marker and then outline with a 

black sharpie marker.

9. BIRCH BRANCHES: Taking small stems of gold berries and white berries wrap or 

tie pieces of burlap on the birch sticks just to give it sparkle and interest.

10. NAPKIN RINGS: Lay a short, thick birch stick in the napkin, and then add 1 stem 

of white berries and 1 stem of gold balls, tying the napkin close with the white

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