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Bigger Bolder Frozen Desserts Ice Cream


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Instructor : Gemma Stafford
Skill Level 2 : Some experience
Brrrr! Make an impression with frozen desserts that wow.

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Additional Information

   Gemma Stafford

YouTube sensation Gemma Stafford got her start studying under legendary chef Darina Allen at Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland, and later ran her own catering company in San Francisco. Today, her shows "Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking" and "Bold Baking Basics" boast more than 1 million subscribers.

Materials: What you Need

1 . Standard kitchen implements: pots, pans, baking dishes, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, heat-proof spatula, whisk
2 . Ice cream maker (not required for every recipe)
3 . Blender or food processor

Lesson Plan: What you Learn

Lesson 1 : Classic Ice Cream

Meet Gemma Stafford and get started by making classic ice cream. Learn step by step how to prepare the the custard base and how to infuse it with flavor as you make a mint chocolate chip variation.

Lesson 2 : Traditional Gelato

Learn how gelato is different from ice cream and how less fat and denser texture help lighter flavors shine through. You'll also make delicate stracciatella, pistachio and chocolate.

Lesson 3 : Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Gemma gives you the inside scoop on dairy-free ice cream! Learn how to churn cookies-and-cream ice cream, coffee ice cream and roasted banana ice cream, all without any milk or cream.

Lesson 4 : No-Machine Ice Cream

Now for ice cream without the machine! Gemma shows you how to use whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk for an ice cream that doesn't need churning. Learn the secrets to making sweetened condensed milk from scratch. Then you'll try no-machine cookie dough, strawberry-cheesecake and rocky road flavors.

Lesson 5 : No-Machine Sorbet

Next Gemma will show you how to get the bright fruit flavors of sorbet without a machine. There are no one-toned sorbets here. You'll make complex peach melba, banana and chocolate flavors. Then experiment with mango and lime versions that will get your guests talking.

Lesson 6 : Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Cake

Wrap up your class with a Mississippi mud pie ice cream cake. Gemma shows you how to build a cookie crust, no-machine chocolate-coffee ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce to top it all off.