Birdhouse with Bamboo Shoots and Hibiscus Garland

Birdhouse with Bamboo Shoots and Hibiscus Garland

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • DCWV® 12"x12" Fresh Floral Stack
  • DCWV® 12"x12" Neutrals Cardstock Stack
  • Blue Moon Beads® products:
    Brown and cream bead strand
    Flat white shell beads
    Hummingbird pendant
    Dragonfly pendant
  • Medium bird cage
  • Moss
  • Floral wire green stems
  • Floral wire brown garland
  • Paper crimper
  • Papercrafting adhesive
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors, including fringe and rick rack scissors, if desired
  • Pencil


Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms:
1. Select cardstock solids and coordinating prints from the DCWV® Floral Stack and the DCWV® Neutral Cardstock Stack. Cut them into varying widths, leaving them 12" long. Note: To determine how tall the finished bamboo shoots should be, measure the inside area of the birdcage and figure each section accordingly.
2. Roll the different sections of paper into a tight cylinder, securing the end in place with hot glue or a comparable papercrafting adhesive. Repeat until all of the sections are rolled into cylinders.
3. Adhere a flat shell bead to each end of the first cylinder. Adhere remaining 2 cylinders, 1 at each end.
4. Repeat until the desired amount of bamboo shoots have been created. Cut out leaves and add these where desired along bamboo shoots.
5. Put moss into the birdcage and adhere the bamboo shoots in place inside the moss.
6. Select a sheet of cream-colored cardstock. Cut into varying widths, leaving the lengths at 12" each. Roll these into tight cylinders, securing the end in place with hot glue or a comparable papercrafting adhesive. Adhere 1 brown bead to the top of each of the cylinders and adhere in place around the base of the bamboo shoots.

Hibiscus Flower:
1. Select 3 prints for each flower. Create a template for the flower petals in the preferred shape and size. Trace onto the first print 5 times; cut out. Curl back the top section of each petal by pulling it over the edge of a pencil. Note: To get a more rolled look, use more tension between finger and the top of the pencil. Set aside momentarily.
2. Create a template for the leaves in preferred shape and size. Trace onto the second print 5 times; cut out. Create texture in your leaves by curling them back, putting them through the paper crimper or by trimming the edges with the rick rack scissors. Set aside momentarily.
3. Take the last print and cut a 1/2"x12" strip. Cut a fringed-edge along one of the long sides, going 1/4" down into the cardstock.
4. Cut a 6" piece of wire. Take the fringed piece of cardstock and, beginning at the top, wrap it around once. Secure in place. Continue wrapping it down your wire at an angle, adhering in place as needed, until at least 2" of the wire is covered. Cut off the excess paper and adhere in place with hot glue.
5. Take out the flower petals and adhere them around the last section of fringed paper. Note: To facilitate this process, pinch the middle of the bottom section before adhering them in place.
6. Take out your leaves and adhere them around the base of the flower.
7. Repeat as desired until there are enough paper flowers to cover the floral wire garland. Note: Use groupings of leaves if desired to cover more area.
8. Attach garland to outside of birdcage, twisting sections to give it more of a life-like feel.
9. Embellish with hummingbird or dragonfly pendants.