Bonbons Fisherman's Wool Yarn Crafted Ornaments

Bonbons Fisherman's Wool Yarn Crafted Ornaments

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Lion Brand
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  • Lion Brand®:
    Fishermen’s Wool® Natural 1 ball (A) or color of choice
    Bonbons Celebrate 1 pack (B) or color of choice
    Large-eyed blunt needle
  • Foam balls in desired sizes
  • Straight pins


As desired

1. Balls are first wrapped in one direction with A, then woven in the opposite direction with A.
2. The weaving is worked over one half of the ball at a time.
3. Embroidery is worked with B after balls have been wrapped and woven.

With a straight pin, secure one end of A to ball. Continue to wrap A around ball, working in the same direction and placing each new wrap about 1/4' further from the last wrap. Finish at the opposite end of the ball. Cut yarn and secure end to ball with a second straight pin. Beginning and ending at opposite ends of balls ensures an uneven number of wraps for weaving.

Cut a 3 yd. length of A and fold it in half. Thread the folded end into the blunt needle and begin weaving over and under the wrapped strands, leaving a yarn tail about 1/2' long. Take care to go over and under each wrap in order. Thread them closer to the middle of the ball if it makes them easier to differentiate, but take care to draw the woven strands tightly to the top of the ball and to each other towards the center of the ball. The tighter the weave, the less chance there will be for the wraps to slip when the embroidery is added.

As the first and succeeding rounds are completed, take care to work over the yarn ends, hiding them under the weaving. When running out of yarn, repeat the process, overlapping the ends by about 1' and hiding the yarn ends as before.

When the top half of the ball is covered, turn it over and begin weaving from the opposite end until ball is fully covered. Remove pins when weaving has been completed.

With desired color of B, work embroidery using straight or chain stitches as desired to create simple designs on the surface of the woven ball. Placing pins or rubber bands around the ball can help to guide your stitches and keep them evenly spaced. Hide yarn ends by burying them behind the woven strands.