Bookmarks with Personality

Additional Information



  • Colorbok® stamps:
    4"x8" Borders
    4"x8" Leaves
    4"x8" Christmas
    4"x8" Travel
  • Colorbok® papers:
    12"x12" Travel Chitchat
    12"x12" Jolly & Bright Mini Dots
    12"x12" Harvest Strip
  • Acid-free ink pad
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Acid-free adhesive or tape
  • Scissors

Refer to photo.

1. Cut the base for bookmark to size and shape.
2. Using a separate piece of paper, preferably solid or with a subtle pattern, cut pieces to layer onto the base sheet.
3. Cut pieces slightly smaller than the first shape, so the base of the bookmark can be seen.
4. Stamp images firmly onto paper cut-outs.
5. Adhere stamped pieces to the bookmark base. To make a bookmark of conjoined circles, tape ribbon between large bottom circles and small top circles.
6. Punch a hole 1/2" from the top of the bookmark.
7. Run ribbon through the top. Secure with a knot.

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