Bride and Groom Toppers

Bride and Groom Toppers

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Sparrow Innovations
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Additional Information



  • Make It Love It Bride & Groom Set
  • Acrylic paint – Black, White, Light Gray, Pink, Skin tones colors, Hair colors
  • Acrylic paintbrushes: Round 2 & Round 4 for detail work, Flat 1/2" for covering larger surfaces with solid color
  • Miniature flower embellishments
  • 1-1/2" circle of tulle fabric
  • Craft glue


1. Using acrylic paint skin tone colors, paint the entire head and neck area of both the bride and groom. Use the pink acrylic paint and a dry brush to lightly paint small circles on the face for cheeks. Allow to dry.
2. On the groom, paint the entire body light gray, leaving a clean line around the bottom of the neck. On the bride, paint the entire body with white paint, leaving a clean line at the base of the neck to form the neckline of the bride&'s dress.
3. Using acrylic paint, paint hair on the groom and bride in desired style. Use a detail brush to make smaller whisps of hair and to soften the paint lines. Allow to dry.
4. Paint the tuxedo shirt by painting a white wedge at the top of the groom&'s body, with the top of the wedge in line with the neckline painted earlier. Allow to dry.
5. Using detail brushes, paint in any details such as a tie, bowtie, necklace, arms, buttons, pockets, etc.
6. Use black paint to dot two small eyes each on the bride and groom. Allow all paint to dry.
7. Pinch the round scrap of tulle on one end to form a veil shape and glue to bride&'s head with veil overlapping the top of her face. Allow glue to dry.
8. Glue one miniature flower on top of veil, right above where it is attached to the bride&'s head. Glue a small group of miniature flowers in the middle front of the bride&'s body has her bouquet, in line with painted arms. Allow glue to dry.