Broken Arrow Towel

Broken Arrow Towel

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Swedish Weave Designs

Additional Information

  • Huck towel or Aida cloth
  • Pearl cotton #5
  • Needle: size #20 or #22

DIRECTIONS: WOF = Width of Fabric. Thread Lengths: All rows use 21⁄2 lengths of thread or yarn.
A length of thread is a piece of yarn/thread equal to one width of your fabric. So, for each row, measure out a length of yarn/thread that is 21⁄2 times the WOF. The bottom center of the pattern is indicated by the arrow on the pattern. At the end of a row, tuck the thread/yarn to the back and run through about 5 floats. Turn the needle, and going over the last float, run the thread/yarn back through the floats to secure them (see photo).

To do this design on a huck towel or Aida cloth, pearl cotton #5 works best. For Huck toweling or Aida fabric, consider using a #20 or #22 needle. This pattern can be done as a single section using rows 1 – 16 once, or to cover a larger area, stack the pattern. After doing rows 1 – 16, repeat the pattern, making sure rows 1 and 16 use the same set of floats of the straight stitches (see photo close-up of design).