Brooch Bouquet Necklace

Brooch Bouquet Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • Brooch
  • 1/4 yd blue organza
  • 1/4 yd green tulle
  • 12" bridal applique or lace
  • 1 spool 1/2"-wide ribbon, cornflower blue
  • Ultimate Crystals facet bicone beads, 1 pkg each: sapphire & peridot
  • 1 pkg Beader's Paradise seed beads, key lime
  • 2 strands 7mm round clear beads
  • 1 strand glass beads, sapphire blue
  • 2 strands Darice Preciosa 3mm crystal beads
  • 1 pkg Beyond Beautiful 6mm faceted round silver mirror beads
  • Tiger tail jewelry wire
  • 7mm jump rings
  • Crimp beads
  • Candle & matchbook
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Basic jewelry-making supplies



  1. Cut 4 or 5 flower shapes from organza. Refer to patterns.
  2. Taking one organza flower at a time, hold the edge of the flower close to, but not touching, the candle flame. Have a small bowl of water handy, just in case the flower touches the flame. The edge will melt and curl slightly. Turn flower and continue to curl the edges. Repeat for each organza flower shape.
  3. Layer the curled flower shapes, turning flowers to alternate curled edges. With needle and thread, stitch through center of flower. Embellish flower center with beads.


  1. Cut a 12" piece of ribbon. Stitch a row of running stitches, by hand, along the long side of one edge of ribbon.
  2. Gently gather the ribbon. Fold the short edges to the back and stitch in place. Adjust gathers.
  3. Embellish ribbon flower with a mirror bead.


  1. Cut a 2-1/2"x24" piece of tulle for the large flower and a 1-1/2"x24" piece of tulle for the small flower.
  2. For each flower, fold the piece of tulle in half lengthwise. By hand, stitch a row of running stitches 1/4" from the raw edges on the long side. Gently gather the tulle.
  3. Fold the short edges to the back and stitch in place. Adjust gathers. Embellish with beads.


  1. The piece of bridal applique or lace serves as the foundation for the necklace. Determine the finished size of the flower portion and adjust the piece of bridal applique or lace.
  2. Arrange completed flowers onto applique or lace. Stitch in place. Pin brooch onto a flower.
  3. Cut one 15" piece & one 20" piece of tiger tail jewelry wire. For each one, string on a crimp bead & a jump ring. Bring the end back through the crimp bead about 2"-3". Close crimp ring.
  4. String beads. When strand is desired length, string on crimp bead & jump ring. Bring end of tiger tail back through crimp bead and through several beads. Close crimp ring. Repeat for second strand.
  5. Attach to floral piece by stitching the jump ring in place.
  6. Cut two 2-1/2"x22" pieces of tulle. Knot one end of each piece. Stitch knot to back of bridal lace piece close to jump ring. Wrap tulle around beads and through jump ring at top of strand. Knot around the jump ring. Repeat for second strand. Tie tulle strands around neck. Trim ends.