Brown Cord and Pearl Necklace

Brown Cord and Pearl Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon

Additional Information



  • Brown textured pearls, 10mm
  • Fresh water pearl
  • Brown cord leather cord 1.5mm
  • OXB® 6mm jump rings
  • OXB® head pin
  • OXB® cord crimps
  • Flat & round nose pliers
  • Side cutters


  1. Cut 4 segments of brown cord 16", 16-1/2", 14" and 5" long.
  2. Make a bead dangle: take a head pin, slide on a fresh water pearl and make a simple loop.
  3. Slide a brown textured pearl to within 2" of one end of the 16-1/2" brown cord. Fold the 2" end over the pearl and make a knot in the cord, leaving a loop with the pearl inside.
  4. Slide a pearl onto the 14" and 5" long brown cords. Then make a simple knot in the end of each.
  5. Knot these two lengths together, so the pearls hang at different lengths.
  6. Attach the 14” long cord through the loop from step #3.
  7. Take the 16" cord and slide on the dangle from the step #2.
  8. Take the end of the 16” brown cord, and the end of the14" cord, and attach with a cord crimp.
  9. Repeat step #7 to the other end.
  10. Attach a 6mm jump ring and lobster clap to one loop of the cord crimp, and a 6mm jump ring to the other end.