Burlap Bag with Ruffle Top

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  • 1/2 yd printed burlap
  • 1/4 yd fabric for ruffle
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine


Finished size 10"x20". 1/2" seam allowance used.

1. Cut 2 pieces of burlap 14"x16" for front and back.
2. Cut a 1-1/2" square out of the bottom corners.
3. With RST, sew sides and bottom together.
4. Fold bottom and side seams together at corners and stitch.
5. Turn right side out.
6. Fold top edge down 2" and press.
7. Cut 2 pieces of burlap 20"x5" for handles.
8. Press in half lengthwise; open and press edges to center; refold and press.
9. Edge stitch.
10. Place handles 3" in from side seam and 2" down from top.
11. Stitch.
12. For ruffle, cut 1 piece 7" x WOF.
13. Press short edges under and fold in half lengthwise and stitch.
14. Turn right side out and press so seam is in the center.
15. Gather along center of strip.
16. Adjust gathers to fit top of bag and stitch to bag at center.

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