Burlap Wreath with Frayed Fabric Flowers and Buttons

Burlap Wreath with Frayed Fabric Flowers and Buttons

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Blumenthal
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Additional Information


•    NEW Clam Shell Buttons:
o    Lilac
o    Papaya
o    Mint
o    Hydrangea
o    Stormy
o    Giraffe
o    Honeydew
•    12” Extruded Styrofoam wreath ring
•    1/3 yd Natural Color Burlap
•    Fabric quarters - 3 patterns
•    1-1/2” pearlized pins, assorted colors
•    Beading pins
•    Scissors
•    Hand sewing needle 
•    Heavy thread
•    Scissors
•    Ruler
•    1” ribbon
1.    Cut burlap into 2”x12” strips.
2.    Secure a burlap strip to the back of the wreath with beading pins.  Wrap the strip around the foam shape, keeping overlaps even.  Secure the end of the strip on the back of the wreath with beading pins.  Repeat until the whole wreath is covered with burlap strips.
3.    To make the fabric flowers: Rip a 1” wide by 21” long strip from a piece of fabric.  Secure a knotted piece of heavy thread in a short end of the fabric strip and hand sew a  large running stitch along one long side of the fabric strip.  Pull the thread tight to gather the fabric on the thread.  Layer the bunched fabric around and around to make the flower shape.  Secure it in place with a few more stitches and snip excess thread.  Make 7 flowers in the assorted fabrics.
Note: Video tutorials can be found online on how to make frayed fabric flowers.
4.    Attach the flowers to the wreath by adding stacked button centers held in place with a pearlized pin. Push the pin through the buttons holes and the fabric flower and into the foam.
5.    After the flowers are attached add assorted sizes and colors of buttons using pearlized pins.  Add the buttons in among the flowers and off the ends of the flower cluster.  Fade them out into smaller buttons, mixing in a few solo pearlized pins.
6.    Use ribbon to hang wreath.