Buttercream™ Olivia Collection Fabric Covered Mirror

Buttercream™ Olivia Collection Fabric Covered Mirror

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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*Optional: Thin ¼ padding or quilt batting, 4 Screws. Matboard sized to frame, screw driver




1.         Lay the frame onto your base fabric, pull the fabric around to see how much excess you will need on the sides. Depending on the thickness of your frame you will want to cut the fabric so that you will have 1” on the back of your frame when you wrap the fabric around. Cut around the outer edge and in the center of the frame leaving the desired excess to wrap around.

2.         Set the frame aside and lay the base fabric face up onto your work surface. Cut pieces of fabric in various size strips and squares to create the patchwork for your frame. Lay out the patchwork design before gluing in place. Finish the edges of the pieces by folding under the edge and gluing in place.

3.         Glue down the patchwork pieces to the base fabric making sure to overlap and but up the pieces to look like they are quilted on.

4.         Once all the pieces are glued in place flip the fabric over so that the patchwork is face down on your work surface and the base fabric is facing up. Lay the frame onto the fabric and wrap the edges around to the back. Secure in place to the back with glue.  For best results you may want to chose a padded frame or add a thin layer of padding to our frame, this will allow the fabric to lay better. To add padding to your frame lay the frame onto the padding face down and trace the frame onto the padding, cut along the inside and outside edge and place the padding between the quilted piece and the frame when assembling.

*Optional: To finish off the back cut a piece of mat board to fit the back and screw in place with small screws. Make sure to choose screws that are the correct length.


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