Butterfly Jeans

Butterfly Jeans

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Testors Corp.
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Additional Information

  • ColorArtz® Starter Kit
  • Blue jeans
  • Self-adhesive stencil
  • Heat-set rhinestones or studs
  • Drop cloth
  • NOTE: Additional ColorArtz® Paints may be needed to achieve desired color combination
DIRECTIONS: Prepare a flat work surface with a drop cloth. If new to ColorArtz®, practice on a sample before beginning project, to get a feel for the airbrushing tool.

1. Lay jeans flat. Remove stencil backing and position self-adhesive stencil. Check that stencil is fully adhered.

2. For this project, the edges of the stencil were trimmed and used as a positive stencil. This allowed overspray to be part of the design, by creating layers with each color application.

3. Apply first color, spraying light mist coats. Do not soak. Do not spray at an angle, to avoid lifting the stencil. To create a darker color, apply many light coats, allowing paint to dry a few minutes between each spray. Allow project to dry 20 minutes. Repeat with each color change. Additional colors can be created by overspraying colors, from the lightest to darker colors.

4. Allow the project to dry for at least 24 hours.

5. Apply gemstones, following manufacturers' instructions.

  • If pouch stops spraying: open & close pouch valve a couple times to remove any dried paint. If the propellant becomes too cold to spray, allow can to come up to room temperature. Keep airbrush nozzle clean.
  • If pouch begins to drip: remove it, wipe airbrush clip & pouch nozzle with a paper towel, then reattach pouch.