Buying Guide: Fleece

Buying Guide: Fleece

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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What to Know When Buying Fleece

Jo-Ann carries a wide variety of fleece, with the most popular being Blizzard and Anti-Pill. But what is the difference between these two? And how are these different from the rest?

Blizzard vs. Anti-Pill vs. Luxe

  • Blizzard is brushed for softness and may appear to be smoother than Anti-Pill
  • Anti-Pill is brushed for softness and has been designed to reduce pilling
  • Luxe is brushed for softness, is designed to reduce pilling and has a microfinish for extra softness and luxury. It is also our heaviest weight fleece.

Other Fleece vs. Blizzard or Anti-Pill

Key Features:

  • Width of the fleece fabric ranges from 58"-60” wide and our Extra Wide Fleece is 85" wide
  • All of our Fleece is 100% Polyester, with the exception of our Sweater Fleece (polyester/spandex blend) and Sweatshirt Fleece (polyester/cotton blend)
  • Our fleece is machine washable, best to hang dry to prevent static build-up
  • Blizzard and Anti-Pill are great for beginners and easy to sew and work with

Other Tips:

  • It is best to use a ball point needle to sew fleece
  • Only Blizzard, Anti-Pill, Micro Fleece, Extra Wide or Luxe should be used for No-Sew projects
  • Try using two prints instead of a print and a solid for a No-Sew Throw or No-Sew Pillow
  • Ultra Fluffy, Soft N Comfy, Ultra Fluffy, Sweater Fleece, Sweatshirt Fleece and Stretch Fleece must be sewn.
  • Don't forget the rotary cutter and mat! This will help make cutting faster and give you straight lines.
  • Fleece dulls scissors faster than regular fabric, so don't forget to grab a new pair of scissors


Type Prints Solids No-Sew
Anti-Pill Fleece X X X
Blizzard Fleece X X X
Luxe Fleece X X X
Micro Fleece X X X
Stretch Fleece   X  
Sweater Fleece X X  
Sweatshirt Fleece   X  
Extra Wide Fleece X X  
Ultra Fluffy X X  
Soft N Comfy X X