Buying Guide: Floral Accessories

Buying Guide: Floral Accessories

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What You Need to Know About Floral Accessories

Great floral arranging is an art form, but with the correct tools basic arranging can be easy. Let’s explore the most common tools used when working with artificial flowers.

Floral Foam - provides a base for flowers. Flowers are inserted to hold them in place. Dry foam is used for dried and silk flowers. It comes in many shapes like bricks, spheres, cones, and wreaths; but can also be found in novelty shapes like hearts and footballs. Foam can also be cut into any shape needed. Green is the standard color but it is available in a few other colors.

Pin Frog - device with lots of sharp pins pointing upward used to hold flowers in place when foam will not work.

Floral Tape - paper coated with paraffin or wax in ½” or 1” widths. When it is stretched and pulled tight it sticks to itself. It is used to cover wire and stems.

Floral Wire - attached to floral stems to add stability or secure items together. It is available in lengths, spools, and various gauges or thickness. The smaller the number for the gauge of the wire, the thicker the wire.

Floral Sticky Clay - helps affix candles, pin frogs, or floral prongs to the base of any vase or dry surface.  It works best when the surfaces are clean and dry.  Typically comes on a roll (like tape).

Wood Pick - is a narrow piece of wood with wire attached to the top. Picks come in various lengths. Wired wood picks allow you to combine several stems onto one insertion point and used to insert non-floral elements like fruit or pinecones into an arrangement.

Greening Pin - is a two-pronged metal pin with an “s” or “u” shaped top. Pins are used to secure moss or other foliage to a foam base. They are also great for securing burlap, ribbon, fabric, etc. to a straw form.

Corsage or Boutonniere Pin  – is used to attach a floral design or ribbons to clothing. They usually have a pearl round top. A corsage pin is longer than a boutonniere pin.

Waterproof Tape - is ¼” wide green tape that is perfect for live floral arrangements in water. It bonds well to surfaces and continues to stick when wet.

Chicken Wire - is a wire mesh used alone or in combination with floral wire to provide additional support to stems or floral material.

Liquid Resin - is used to create the look of water in glass containers.  It dries hard to hold stems firmly in place. 
Other Tips:

  • Floral arrangements are often placed into a container or vase. Spanish moss, excelsior, or moss can be used to cover the foam or any other mechanics in an arrangement.
  • Glass marbles and river rock can used with or without liquid resin to create a design that looks like fresh flowers and to hide stem ends in a glass container.
  • Floral glue used in a glue gun is often used to secure items in a silk arrangement or wreath.

Creating your own arrangement or wreath? Try these items too.