Cabled Capelet

Cabled Capelet

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Patons
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  • Patons® Classic Wool Roving™ yarn, Natural, 5 (7) skeins
  • Size 10½ knitting needles
  • Size 10½ circular knitting needles 24" and 36" long or size needed to obtain tension
  • Cable needle
  • Stitch markers


To fit bust measurement:
Extra-Small/Large: 28-42"
Extra-Large/5 Extra-Large: 44-62"
Note: Directions are written for sizes Extra-Small to Large. For Extra-Large to 5 Extra-Large directions, use measurements/stitches written within ().

14 sts and 18 rows = 4" in stocking st.

Cable Band
With pair of needles, cast on 15 sts.
First row: (RS). Knit.
2nd and alt rows: P12. K3.
3rd and 5th rows: Knit.
7th row: K3. C12B.
9th row: Knit.
10th row: As 2nd row.
These 10 rows form Cable Pat.

Cont in Cable Pat until work from beg measures approx 46" (54"), ending with a 10th row. Do not cast off. Break yarn leaving a long end. Using end, graft sts to cast on edge to form ring (center back seam).

Capelet Body
With RS facing and longer circular needle, beg at center back seam, pick up and knit 160 (192) sts evenly around top garter st edge of Cable Band. Join in rnd, placing a marker at first st.
Next rnd: Purl.
Cont in stocking st (knit every rnd) until work from pick up edge measures 8" (9").
Dec as follows, changing to shorter needle where appropriate:
Dec rnd: *K8 (10). K2tog. Rep from * around. 144 (176) sts.
Knit 4 rnds.
Dec rnd: *K7 (9). K2tog. Rep from * around. 128 (160) sts.
Knit 4 rnds.
Dec rnd: *K6 (8). K2tog. Rep from * around. 112 (144) sts.
Knit 4 rnds.
Dec 16 sts evenly around next rnd and following 5th rnd (as before). 80 (112) sts.
Next rnd: Purl.
Next rnd: *K2. P2. Rep from * around.
Cont in (K2. P2) ribbing until collar measures 9".
Cast off in ribbing.

C12B = Slip next 6 sts onto cable needle and leave at back of work. K6, then K6 from cable needle.