Calico Apron

Calico Apron

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information

Fabrics in 5 coordinating colors of choice:
3/8 yd for body
1/4 yd for ruffle
1/8 yd for hem band
3/4 yd for pockets
3/8 yd for waistband and ties
3/8 yd lightweight non-woven fusible interfacing
All-purpose sewing thread
Hand needle
Pattern-making paper
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing machine
Iron & ironing surface
Glue, optional
1. Using pattern paper, measure and cut 5 rectangular-shaped patterns with the following dimensions:
a. Apron body measure and cut one rectangle 42"Wx23"L.
b. Ruffle measure and cut one rectangle 6"Wx42"L.
c. Hem band measure and cut one rectangle 4"Wx42"L.
d. Waistband measure and cut one rectangle 4"Wx25"L.
e. Ties measure and cut one rectangle 4"Wx30"L.
2. Trace and transfer pocket pattern to pattern paper.
3. Using these patterns, cut one each of body, ruffle, hem band and waistband from fabric. Cut 2 ties. Cut 4 pockets
on fold of fabric.
4. Cut one waistband from interfacing, then trim 1" from the width to measure 3" wide.
In assembling the pieces as shown below, stitch all seams with right sides of fabric facing and following 1/2" seam
1. For the apron body, turn under and press 1/2" to wrong side of fabric along long top edge of hem band. With
right side of band fabric facing wrong side of body fabric, pin and stitch hem band to body along lower edge. See
(Diagram 1).

Diagram 1
Trim corners close to stitching. Clip seam allowance to stitching along inside curves and notch seam allowance to
stitching along outside curves. See (Diagram 4). Diagram 4
2. Press seam open, then turn hem band to right side. Press hem band flat along seam and topstitch hem band to
body along both top and bottom edges. See (Diagram 2).
Diagram 2
5. Turn pocket to right side. Slip stitch, glue or fuse opening closed. Press pocket flat. Repeat for second pocket.
6. Center and position completed pockets flat on apron body, placing top edges of pocket 5" from top edge of body
and allowing 8" between side edges. Using only a few pins, pin pocket to body and upper and lower edges of
curves only. Do not stitch yet. See (Diagram 5).
Diagram 5
3. On each side edge of body, turn under 1" to wrong side of apron and press. Tuck in cut edge to meet the crease
and press to create a 1/2" double side hem. Topstitch hem in place along inside fold. See (Diagram 3).
Diagram 3
7. To allow for a fuller pocket, reposition top edges of pocket, moving each to the center, measuring approximately
4. To make one pocket, with right sides facing, pin and stitch two pocket pieces together along all edges, pivoting
4" between inside edges. Continue pinning top and outside edges of pocket. Topstitch, securing a backstitch at top
sharp turns at corners and leaving a 2"" opening along one side edge. Trim all seams to 1/4".
edges. See (Diagram 6).

Diagram 6

12. To complete the assembly, first distribute the fullness evenly and, using plenty of pins, pin ruffle to right side of
waistband, at interfaced edge between side seams. Baste ruffle to waistband 3/8" from cut edge. See (Diagram 9).
Diagram 9

13. To complete the apron body, once again, set sewing machine to a long basting stitch. Measuring 1/4" from long
cut edge at apron top, stitch a row of gathering stitches, leaving thread tails long at each end. Pull bobbin threads
gently at each end to gather fabric.
8. Apply interfacing to wrong side of one long edge of waistband by basting or fusing. Join tie ends to each side of

14. Distributing fullness evenly and using plenty of pins, pin body to right side of waistband, between side seams with
waistband and press seam open. With right sides facing, fold tie ends in half and pin, matching cut edges. Stitch
ruffle sandwiched between them. Stitch body to waistband 1/2" from cut edge. See (Diagram 10).
short ends and long edge of ties ending 1"" from waistband seams. See (Diagram 7).
Diagram 7
Diagram 10
9. Clip corners and trim seams of tie ends. Press seams open and turn ties to right side. Press flat. Set this
waistband/tie assembly aside.

10. For the ruffle, with right sides facing, fold ruffle in half lengthwise and stitch together each short end. Clip corners,
trim seam and turn to right side. Press ruffle in half lengthwise.

15. Grade seam allowances of body, ruffle and waistband by trimming to varying widths. Turn under 1/2" on

11. Set sewing machine to a long basting stitch. Measuring 1/4" from long cut edges, stitch a row of gathering
remaining long edge of waistband and slip stitch fold to seam.
stitches, leaving thread tails long at each end. Pull bobbin threads gently at each end to gather fabric. See
(Diagram 8).
Diagram 8
Created by JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores