Carousel Sunburst Technique T-Shirt

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  • Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® -- Carousel
  • 100% cotton white T-shirt
  • Plastic table cover
  • Washing machine
  • Non-bleach laundry detergent


1. Prewash fabric without fabric softener. Do not dry.
2. Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Lay damp fabric on prepared surface.
3. Decide on placement of the circles on the fabric. Pinch fabric and bind with rubber band.
4. Continue placing circles on fabric, making as many as desired.
5. Prepare dye following package instructions.
6. Apply dye on pinched areas of fabric and in between as desired. Do not over saturate fabric.
7. Cover fabric with plastic table cover. Let set 6-8 Hours.
8. Rinse fabric in warm water until water runs clear.
9. Fill washer to large load setting with hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of non-bleach laundry detergent. Wash and dry separately for the first few washes.

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