Chalkboard Countdown to the Last Day of School

Chalkboard Countdown to the Last Day of School

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Kim Byers

Additional Information



  • Chalkboard 12" × 12"
  • Frame 12" × 12"
  • Cricut® Explore Air (or Cricut Explore with bluetooth adapter)*
  • Cricut® Design Space app for iPad® (or use a desktop/laptop if no iPad)
  • My Countdown graphic in Design Space
  • 12" × 12" Cricut® Mat
  • Cricut® Vinyl Stencil
  • Cricut® Transfer Tape
  • Chalk marker, fine tip
  • Tape, Ruler (optional)


  1. Cut stencil. Open the project in Design Space, insert mat with vinyl and cut.
  2. Transfer design. Measure center placement of chalkboard. Tape edges down so it doesn’t shift. Overlay transfer tape onto design and pull it away slowly taking your design with it.
  3. Apply stencil to chalkboard. Place design in the exact same place, centered to chalkboard. Pull transfer tape up slowly from the top. (Tip: For intricate details like letters, use a ruler to hold the letters in place while pulling the backer away. Then cut off any backer already removed so it doesn’t restick.)
  4. Trace and decorate. Using a fine tip chalkboard marker, outline the entire design. Then add pattern and detail to the books and apple if so desired.
  5. Change numbers. Use the stencil for day one of the countdown, and use a damp paper towel to erase the number countdown each additional day.
Tip: A small paint brush and water is the perfect eraser for mistakes when using a chalk pen.