Cheese Cloth Mummy Pillow

Cheese Cloth Mummy Pillow

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Dritz
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Additional Information




12” pillow form

Dritz® Sewing Notions:

6-1/2 yds Cheesecloth

Liquid Stitch™

Cover Button Templates

Fabric marker/pencil

Straight pins

Belle Buttons™

3” x 8” black felt

2” x 4” white felt


Needle & thread



To create the eyes, use the cover button templates as your guide. Trace the outer circumference of the following template sizes:

2 black circles, size 36 template (base)

2 white circles, size 30 template (whites of eye)

2.  Cut out all 4 eye circles, place the button on top of the white felt, and stitch the layers together through the button. Use the Liquid Stitch™ to glue the remaining portion of the white felt to the black felt. Allow to dry.

3.  To start wrapping the pillow, cradle the base of the pillow inside the end of the cheesecloth, so that the bottom seam is covered – like a hot dog bun. Leave a few inches beyond the side seam.

4.  Roll that excess cloth in step 3, and stitch it to the side of the pillow to anchor. It doesn’t have to be fancy - a few simple stitches through the pillow form will do. It’s just something to tack it down.

5.  Now, start wrapping. When you get to the top of the pillow, cover the top seam the same way, and begin wrapping one row back down in the opposite direction (this will start the forehead).

6.  Glue the eyes on. Stick a straight pin through the button holes to hold it in place, so you can continue wrapping and not knock them off while they dry. Cover the top and bottom of the eyes just slightly with cheesecloth, so it looks like the eyes are peeking out from within.

7.  Continue wrapping to the bottom. When happy with the coverage, wrap the last portion of cheesecloth around to the back (trim excess if necessary) and stitch to the pillow.