Cherish Love Shirt

Cherish Love Shirt

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  • Plaid Simply Screen Silk Screen Stencil, Cherish Love
  • Plaid Simply Screen Screen Printing Paints: Penny, Cosmopolitan
  • Squeegee
  • Cream shirt
  • Iron & pressing cloth


  1. Position the stencil in the lower corner of the shirt.
  2. Working on the top of the stencil, squeeze a bead of Penny paint about 1" across the top of the design. Apply a small strip of Cosmopolitan paint, followed by a strip of Penny paint, then Cosmopolitan and a bead of Penny to create a variegated color pattern.
  3. Use squeegee at a 45 angle with even pressure to pull a thin coat of paint down the stencil. Lift squeegee; repeat squeegee motion until the entire design is covered.
  4. Peel the stencil to reveal design. Immediately wash the stencil with cold water; don't scrub the sticky side. Once the stencil is dry, replace onto the backing sheet.
  5. Allow the design to dry for 24 hours. Heat set for 30 seconds with an iron, no steam, cotton setting with a pressing cloth.
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