Chevron and Dot Tote

Chevron and Dot Tote

Crafting Time:
3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
Some Experience Necessary
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Additional Information



•             (Main) 2/3 yd

•             (Contrast 1) 1/3 yd

•             (Contrast 2) 1 ¼ yd

•             2 yards medium weight fusible interfacing

•             24” zipper

•             Sewing machine & basic sewing supplies

•             Iron & pressing surface

•             Pattern (In PDF link above)



1.  Cut top and bottom patterns from main, contrast 1 and interfacing. Plus 2 pieces of interfacing 2”x 44”.

2.  Cut lining and straps from contrast 2.

3.  Apply interfacing to wrong side of top and bottom pieces and center of straps.

4.  Fold seam allowance of straps under and press. Fold straps in half matching folded under edges, strap should be 1“ wide after folding.

5.  Top stitch both sides of strap.

6.  Pin straps to top pieces 6 “es in from sides, ends lined up with bottom edge of top piece.

7. Stitch straps to top pieces as pinned, stopping 2“ from top, secure top of strap with a few rows of stitching across 2“ from top.

8. Sew bottoms to tops.

9. Press seam allowance down, top stitch 1/4 from seam line.

10. Sew bottoms together leaving corners unstitched.  Press seam open.

11. Sew sides together leaving corners unstitched. Press seams open.

12. Fold corners so side seams and bottom seams match. Stitch across.

13. Repeat steps 12-14 on lining pieces.

14. Fold under 1/2“ on top of main and lining, press.

15. Insert lining into bag so wrong sides are together.

16. Pin zipper between bag and lining.

17. Stitch zipper in place.

18. Cover end of zipper with scrap of fabric if desired.