Christmas Character Puppets

Christmas Character Puppets

Crafting Time:
1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
No Experience Necessary
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Additional Information



  • Darice® Wood Ball Knob
  • Craftwood 12"x1/8" diameter dowel
  • Cardboard cone
  • Glitter card stock:
    Snowman: white
    Elf: green
    Santa: red
  • Fabric piece:
    Snowman: blue & white snowflake
    Elf: green & red polkadot
    Santa: red, white & green striped
  • Ribbon (Santa: green & Snowman/Elf: red)
  • Paint:
    Snowman: white, black, orange
    Elf: beige, white, black, blue, pink
    Santa: beige, white, black, blue, pink
  • Rickrack:
    Snowman: white
    Elf: red
    Santa: green
  • Flat brush
  • Detail brush
  • Ruler/tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Roving (white: Santa & gold: Elf)
  • White polyfill: Santa hat
  • Black felt: Snowman hat
  • 2 white pom-poms (Elf & Santa hat)


1. Cover the cone with glitter paper, glue in place and cut off any excess.
2. Measure the circumference of the large opening on the cone. Add 1" and cut a piece of fabric that measurement x 8-1/2" tall.
3. On one of the 8-1/2" tall sides fold over the edge 1/2" and glue to create a clean edge.
4. Glue the fabric around the inside of the cone, overlapping on the inside 1/2" from the top edge. Make sure to glue down so the finished edge is covering the unfinished edge on the side. Glue along the side to create a cylindrical shape. Fold the top down 1-1/2" and glue at the edge.
5. Glue rick-rack around the top of the cone to hide where the fabric and glitter paper meet.
6. Cut the tip off the bottom of the cone just enough to fit the dowel rod inside the cone.
7. Paint and decorate the wood ball knob to the desired character and glue on top of the dowel. Add a felt top hat to the snowman, stocking hats out of fabric and hair out of roving to the Elf & Santa.
8. Tie a ribbon around the fabric 1" from the top, gathering the fabric around the dowel.
9. Add a dab of glue to the bottom of the wood ball knob and push it into together with the fabric to secure the wood ball knob to the fabric.