Christmas Pop Up Card

Christmas Pop Up Card

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  • 2 Green cards and one envelope
  • Striped paper
  • 3 shades of red paper
  • Black paper
  • Brown paper
  • Stockings and Christmas tree stickers
  • Gift sticker
  • Black pen or computer
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Print "enjoy!" on a green card. On the back of the same card, measure in 1-1/2" on each side, at the crease. Make a line 1" from the crease, above and below. Refold the card, and cut to the line.
  2. Make crisp creases in the card at the end of the cut lines. Open the card and pop out the middle portion.
  3. Glue both cards, white sides together and fold immediately. When glue has dried, trim any white edges.
  4. Create a fireplace out of cardstock. Make certain that when the card is closed, none of the fireplace protrudes beyond the card. Attach the fireplace to the front of the pop-up. Attach stockings and trees.
  5. On the front of card, glue on striped paper and a gift sticker.
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