Chunky Beaded Garland

Chunky Beaded Garland

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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  • Silver plastic knot beads
  • Acrylic facetted champagne beads
  • 6mm ivory glass pearls
  • Crystal teardrop pendants
  • Gold starburst pendants
  • 22-Gauge silver wire
  • 24-Gauge silver wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat-nose Pliers
  • Round-nose Pliers


1. We made this garland by creating two separate garlands and then wiring them together, along with some added "bling".
2. To create the first layer, start with a piece of 24-gauge wire about 72" long. String on 3 silver beads, alternating with three pearls in-between, and move these to the center of the wire. Pull the two wires tightly together at the base of this cluster so these six beads create sort of a triangle or leaf shape. Keeping the beads tight, twist the wires together at the base of the leaf shape 4-5 times to lock those beads in place.
3. Next, string on 6 more beads in the same pattern, bringing them near the first leaf, but leave about 3" of space between the new beads and the first leaf. This will allow enough room to fold over and twist the wire to make another leaf shape. Keep stringing beads, and folding the wire over and twisting to make leaves all the way to the end of the wire. Finish the other side of the wire in the same way. Depending on the length of the garland, several chunks may need to be created one at a time, which will be strung together later to achieve the overall desired length.
4. To create the next layer, use the same basic technique as above, but this time string single beads instead of a clump of 6 beads. Slide one acrylic facetted champagne bead onto the center of your wire. Twist the wires together and keep twisting until you make a "stem" that is about 1-1/2" long. String on the next bead, and leave 3 – 3-1/2" of space before twisting to make another long stem. Continue this pattern until the desired garland length has been reached.
5. By this point, there will be two different layers of garland, each one in several small chunks. Wire the ends of these lengths together to create one long length of garland for each layer.
6. To add some extra bling, we used crystal teardrop pendants and gold starburst pendants. To each pendant we wired on a 3-4" length of wire and created a wrapped loop at the top.
7. Lay your two layers of garland on top of one another. Taking a 22-gauge wire, wrap the trunk of the garlands together, making them one piece of chunky garland and strengthening the entire piece. Along the way, add pendants in 3" intervals and continue wrapping the wire along the trunk to hold them in place.