Chunky Necklace With Heart

Chunky Necklace With Heart

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores

Additional Information



  • Gold hanging pendant and swirl beads
  • Brown glass beads: round & rectangular
  • Shell loop beads
  • Faceted beads: turquoise/bronze
  • Small frosted beads
  • Small clear glass beads
  • Gold magnetic clasp, crimp beads, beading wire
  • Jewelry tools: wire cutters, chain nose pliers
  • Spring style bead stoppers
  • Beading tray

SIZE: Finished length 18" plus clasp and pendant.


  1. Position the hanging pendant at the center of the beading tray across the longest trough. The pendant has a large bail, so center 1 to 3 beads inside the bail. Build the design from the pendant toward the ends.
  2. When 12" of beads are aligned on the tray, cut jewelry wire 22" long & begin stringing. Keep a bead stop on the other end of the wire.
  3. Add beads in a symmetrical pattern. Round loop beads contain a faceted bead & 2 small glass beads within the opening.
  4. When 3" of wire remain on each end, attach bead stoppers. Try on the necklace for fit and bead placement. Make any adjustments.
  5. On one end, slip on a few, small beads & a crimp bead. Slip the wire through the loop in half the magnetic clasp, back through the crimp bead & the next bead. Crimp with chain-nose pliers. Flick crimp bead with fingernail to make sure it is secure; trim excess wire.
  6. Hold necklace up to make sure there are no gaps in the beads. Pull 2nd end of the wire snug, but not so tight that the beads lose all movement. Attach crimp and finish off.